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Patient and Insurance Billing Services


Professional Practice Management is an industry leader in patient and insurance billing and debt collection for mental health professionals. You need not spend your valuable time hassling with insurance companies and tracking down authorization details and missing or erroneous payments. Let us help you with efficient, cost-effective patient and insurance billing and debt collection services. Our Net Collection Ratio for the last 10 years was 99.3%!

We get the money in the door!

Here's a list of all that is included in our Practice Enhancement Billing Package:

To Assure 100% Collection, We:

  • Consult about office policies and procedures relating to fees and payments
  • Prepare and duplicate revised office policies, forms, and intake forms, as needed
  • Prepare electronic claims submission application forms
  • Assist you with becoming a credit card merchant if you wish to do so
  • Prepare and mail a letter to patients announcing billing transition and any other changes

To Collect Existing Accounts, We:

  • Enter each patient's entire history into PPM's system
  • Audit each patient's account for errors and unpaid dates of service
  • Rebill any unpaid dates of service to insurance carriers
  • Make recommendations and take action as agreed for collection of outstanding patient balances

To Bill and Assure Collections from Patients , We: We:

  • Post patient charges
  • Post insurance and patient payments
  • Submit patient credit card payments electronically
  • Sent statements to patients monthly
  • Answer patient account questions
  • Make collection calls to patients
  • Send PSY-Collect "pre-collection" letter series to delinquent patients if needed

To Bill and Assure Collection from Insurance Companies, We:

  • Verify patients' insurance benefits with their insurance carriers and e-mail information to you
  • Track authorizations and alert you when it's time to request more sessions
  • Submit charges electronically to insurers
  • Answer insurance account questions
  • Keep current on insurance carriers' regulations and procedures
  • Make collection calls to insurance carriers

To Reduce Paperwork and Make Your Life Easier, We:

  • Receive and post patient and insurance payments in our office
  • Deposit all payments to your bank account weekly

To Help You Understand and Manage the Business Side of Your Practice, We:

  • Provide Practice Management Consultations—you can meet with our professional staff for 2 hours each year to discuss the management of your practice. Additional hours of consultation are available to you, as our billing client, at a 10% discount.

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