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Practice Management Services designed to help you envision, build, maintain and nurture a thriving and rewarding mental health practice!

Professional Practice Management, Inc Logo - Contact Professional Practice Management, Inc. in Portland, Oregon for a practice management consulting, patient billing, support services and patient collections. OPA Member.    

Mental Health Practice Management Consultation

Strategic Planning

Patient and Insurance Billing

Organization/Systems Design

PSY-Collect Debt Collection

Margaret Sears and Professional Practice Management have been helping mental health professionals create, build, maintain and nurture thriving and rewarding practices for 24 years. She knows your business!

Our consulting services help our clients solve the sticky problems and answer the how-to-manage-my-business questions that come up in the day-to-day running of a mental health practice.

Our top-notch patient and insurance billing services get our clients' money in the door promptly. Our average net collection ratio for the last ten years was 99.3%!

Our excellent organization and systems design services help our clients transform that paper monsoon into manageable systems that work for them!

PSY-Collect, our licensed, bonded and insured mental health debt collection agency teaches our clients how to avoid collection problems, and helps them resolve those problems when they couldn't be avoided!

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Margaret Sears, Professional Practice Management
Mental Health Practice Management Consulting
Strategic Planning
Patient and Insurance Billing
Organization/Systems Design 
PSY-Collect Mental Health Debt Collection
Corporate Member of the Oregon Psychological Association
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